Dental Crowns Ogden – What You Need to Consider Before You Go

Dental procedures that involve drilling into the natural tooth to remove tooth decay can be filled with bonding material, but in many cases the result is a weakened tooth in danger of cracking or splitting.  In such cases, a dental crown is the solution to strengthening and protecting the tooth underneath.  A badly broken tooth or one that has been seriously worn down may also benefit by adding a crown to the damaged tooth.  Unlike veneers, crowns are less about cosmetic correction and more about saving teeth that might otherwise have to be extracted.  Most dental insurance will cover dental crowns in Ogden.

After removing a large cavity, there may be only a small amount of healthy tooth remaining that a dental crown can save without extracting the entire tooth.  Removing a damaged tooth completely will result in the need for more dental work that can be costly and time consuming.  Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps,” which is an accurate description of what they are.  Once put into place and cemented down, the cap completely covers the tooth below all the way to the gum line leaving the appearance of a perfectly healthy tooth.  The dental crown is stronger than a veneer with less chance of chipping or coming loose.  The crown may also be useful for anchoring bridgework that remedy missing teeth.

There are a variety of materials useful for constructing Ogden dental crowns that you should be aware of. 

Stainless steel prefabricated crowns are primarily useful to cover teeth temporarily while a permanent crown is being prepared from another material.  These crowns are very useful with children to cover a tooth that will eventually come out naturally.  Although the metal crown is probably the most durable of crown materials, the main objection is the pronounced metal color (alloys of gold, palladium, nickel, or chromium.)  Porcelain fused to metal can be matched to the color of the existing teeth, but the ceramic or porcelain material can chip and flake off and at times the metal beneath the crown may eventually show through the more translucent porcelain.

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Less expensive are all-resin dental crowns, however, they are not as strong as metal fused caps and cause more wear on the opposing teeth.  They may also crack and need to be replaced.  The more expensive but cosmetically attractive porcelain or ceramic crowns are less durable and are suggested mainly for the front teeth.  Some dental offices are equipped with the software and hardware to produce Zirconia or milled crowns which may be manufactured and put into place in only one office visit.

While dental crowns are a valuable tool in saving the teeth, they can also chip, become loose, or fall off.  In such cases immediate action must be taken to avoid further dental damage.  Without problems, dental crowns should be expected to last between 5 to 15 years.

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