Dental Implants Ogden – Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Perhaps the most exciting advancement in dentistry in recent years is the introduction of dental implants, actual permanent replacements for missing teeth.  The implant is a replacement usually made of titanium that is literally screwed into the jaw bone to replace the missing root.  Once that is done, a prosthetic tooth made to look like the natural teeth is attached to the implant to correct the tooth loss.  Unlike dentures which must be removed each night, dental implants are permanently in place and cannot be detected by the casual observer.  Furthermore, the process of adding dental implants is often done under general anesthesia which reduces pain for the patient and allows for a longer time for the work to be done.  Dental implants in Ogden far outshine all other means of replacing missing teeth with more advantages than have ever been available before.

Looking good. 

Dental  implants look and feel just like natural teeth.  Probably only a dentist could spot the implanted teeth in your radiant smile.  As the implant fuses with the bone below, it becomes permanent and only an x-ray can tell the difference.

bright smile with cosmetic dentistry in murray


With dental implants there is no whistle produced by loose fitting dentures or completely missing teeth.  Speech becomes clearer with teeth that are as firmly in place as natural ones.

Ogden Dental Implants: Look better, feel better.

Looks are not everything.  Strong and firmly placed implants make up for any tooth loss and, with proper care, the resulting oral health just simply feels better.  It is so much more comfortable eating with implants without the possibility of their coming loose with a mouthful of chewy, delicious food.

Self esteem. 

When people no longer stare at gaping holes in your teeth, you can only feel much better about your appearance.  Smile, talk, and sing—things you did with confidence before losing teeth come back to restore your natural behavior.

Expected durability. 

With proper oral hygiene, it is not out of the realm of probability that your dental implants will last a lifetime.  Along with that, there is no awkward removal of dentures or messing with oozy adhesives holding them more or less in place.

Most people, but not everyone, will be eligible for dental implants, but some additional dental surgery like bone grafts may be necessary for some patients.  Before the process of performing implant procedure, the dentist will give you a thorough screening to be certain of everything needed is in place to make your dental implants possible.  It cannot be stressed enough to check out the dental professional selected to do the implantation.  Advertisements for dental implants in Ogden using sub standard materials such as aluminum should be a warning sign to steer clear.

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