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Not all trips to your dentist involve excruciating pain or jaws swollen up to the size of a grapefruit.  Many times it is just a matter of simple adjustment for either comfort or visual improvement.   It may involve an uneven alignment of the top edge of the teeth or it may be needed to smooth out a surface that is causing a slight abrasion against the tongue.  In either case, the process is done in the dental office, often without anesthetic, using the same instruments Ogden dentists use during a regular check-up.

What is Enamel Shaping?

Tooth enamel shaping involves removing a small amount of the tooth surface to create a more pleasant look or ease an oral irritation.  Obviously, a little tooth enamel is removed to accomplish the tooth contouring.  In some cases a bit of tooth bonding with special dental material is called for during enamel shaping.  In more severe cases, the dentist may also suggest adding tooth veneers which are very thin coverings for the affected teeth.

Tooth enamel shaping or, as some Ogden dentists prefer to say, contouring, will only be used with otherwise healthy teeth.  Damage that exposes the root, for example, requires bonding and more solid crowns or some other extensive type of dental work.  People who develop tiny chips and nicks on the surface of the teeth but are otherwise very careful about their dental hygiene are the most likely candidates for tooth enamel shaping.

The tools used for tooth contouring as already mentioned are the same implements used for cleaning and polishing the teeth.  The level of discomfort is likewise similar.  The results are more even tooth line and brighter appearance.  In some cases, the tooth enamel shaping removes roughness from the top and back of the teeth which causes discomfort to the tongue as it passes over.

murray dentist gives you healthy teeth

Enamel contouring invariably produces a brighter smile and, like any cosmetic dentistry, is designed to give the patient greater confidence.   If done soon enough, enamel shaping can prevent or prolong the need for more drastic dental processes.

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