Any kind of veneer is something used for a cover-up, usually for esthetic purposes.  Dental veneers do, in fact, cover up unsightly problems with the teeth, but they do much more than that.  They may be the dental procedure of choice when dealing with chipped or broken teeth, certain misalignments ... Read More


There has always been something of a stigma about braces for the teeth.  Let's face it:  they're ugly bands of metal wires and rubber bands.  Now your dentist has something new for those people who qualify.  It's a clear plastic brace that, when worn, is almost invisible.  Invisalign in Ogden ... Read More


All those years when parents, teachers, and the family dentist were stressing to us the importance of brushing, we thought they were only talking about tooth decay.  The truth of the matter is that periodontal concern for healthy gums is just as important.  There are a number of reasons the ... Read More


With all the modern innovations in dentistry these days there is a lot less to dread when the need arises for a visit to the dentist.  Of all the procedures done by dentists, dental bonding is by far the least invasive, and much of it can be done without anesthetics.  ... Read More


A movie close-up of a star's smile may appear several feet long on the big screen.  Unless the actor is playing a zombie or a vampire, she or he wants to have the whitest teeth possible.  For decades toothpaste manufacturers have promised to whiten teeth by simple brushing two times ... Read More


People who are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth when they smile often cover their mouths or simply do not smile at all.  Such behavior adversely affects relationships and workplace reactions.  However, in many cases the problem may be solved with some form of cosmetic dental procedure, elective ... Read More


Follow these Ogden Dentist recommended steps to having a beautiful and healthy smile. A healthy smile gives you confidence. A good oral care routine is the key to getting that confidence. Keeping your mouth free of cavities and tooth decay can be done, just follow these tips. Find the right tooth brush 2 ... Read More


Why you need to visit the dentist every six months. The maintenance of healthy teeth and gums is not something to be put off. A dentist will check for tooth decay, evaluate the health of your gums, look at your head and neck as well as examine your mouth for any ... Read More


Dental procedures aren’t all scary. Consider Professional teeth whitening. It’s the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in the United States. Professional whitening is carefully monitored, safe, controlled and pain-free yielding immediately visible results. Professional teeth whitening in Ogden, Utah provides faster results than any in-home kit. It’s the safest way to ... Read More


Going to the dentist can be scary and intimidating, especially when you’re in a lot of pain. But with a great team like Cobble Creek Dental you don’t have to worry about your dental procedure. Cobble Creek Dental has many experience dentists. They are the premier dentists in Ogden, Utah. With ... Read More