The Cost-Effective Way To Replace Missing Teeth

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Whether you lost your tooth due to an accident, gum disease and decay, or fractures, we understand how important it is to your comfort and confidence to have a beautiful, complete set of teeth with dental implants. 

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a replacement option for teeth that look and act just like natural teeth. Dental implants are rods surgically inserted into the jaw. These artificial roots provide a permanent base for replacement teeth. 

Compared to crowns, bridges, and dentures, dental implants are the best long-term solution for missing teeth, and the new standard in tooth replacement because they fit and function like natural teeth.

With over 15 years of experience, Cobble Creek Dental offers the best, most trustworthy dental restoration solutions for patients in Ogden, Utah, and surrounding areas. Unlike removable dentures that are at risk for sliding around your mouth, implant dentistry is a permanent solution that stays put long term and can only be removed by your dentist.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Preserving the jawbone from future bone loss
  • Maintaining the shape of your face and a youthful appearance
  • Serving as the healthiest restorative measure for neighboring teeth
  • Long-lasting with proper care
  • Look, feel, and act like natural teeth
  • Comfortable and natural-looking
  • Easy to clean

What is the dental implant procedure like?

At Cobble Creek Dental, in Ogden, UT., we use several different implant types depending on the patient’s specific needs. The implant is often made of titanium or ceramic and will act as a new root for a crown to be placed upon and custom-made to fit where the missing tooth was. 

There are two procedures to complete the dental implant restoration process: implant placement and crown placement.

During the dental implant treatment, we begin the surgical procedure by administering local anesthesia for ultimate comfort. The implant is inserted through your gums and into the bone gap where the tooth is missing. As mentioned previously, this implant serves as a replacement for the root of the lost tooth and will allow you to regain full function and bite strength. 

The implant bonds with the bone through osseointegration to create a secure, anchored point used to attach the crown, which replaces the visible portion of a tooth. This process usually takes anywhere from 3-6 months. You will be sent home to heal with pain medications.

At this time, dental impressions are taken to ensure the replacement teeth (or single tooth) are crafted to fit the exact shape and size of the gap between the surrounding teeth. 

After complete osseointegration and the implant post is secure, the second procedure or crown placement can commence. The crown is placed onto the implant to restore your smile fully. Each crown is specifically designed to match your surrounding teeth’ current color and texture and is shaped to provide the best look and feel.

Although implants may sound scary and painful when done right and with an experienced doctor, dental implants are a predictable and relatively comfortable procedure with very high success rates (click here to learn more). 

Am I a good candidate for Dental Implants?

To be a suitable candidate for dental implants, you need to have the following:

  • A good level of oral health with healthy teeth and gums
  • Enough bone in the jaw in which to support the implant
  • Good overall health and not be suffering from periodontal disease
  • A non-smoker or at least to have quit a few weeks before treatment and during the recovery period
  • A fully developed jaw, so you’re likely to be over the age of 18

Because each patient is different, we recommend that patients join us for a consultation to determine the best options (read more here). We start by getting a medical history and discussing your desired results to see what treatment plan is best for your needs. 

A variety of factors such as your oral hygiene, jawbone strength, and the location of the missing tooth are considered when our expert staff customizes a treatment plan for your situation. With proper care, your dental implant will serve as a permanent replacement for your missing tooth, restoring your smile and confidence for many years to come.

If you feel you would be a good candidate for dental implants, please contact Cobble Creek Dental in North Ogden, Utah, at (801) 399-0458, for more information or schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your oral health goals.